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Religious Education Curricula

CUUC Lifespan Religious Education fosters a diverse community of all ages where people are accepted and loved for who they are. Our community supports an open exploration of beliefs, guided by Unitarian Universalist principles. We inspire spiritual growth and strive to make a difference in the world. The curricula used in our Religious Education Ministry are chosen to best facilitate the child’s natural progression into awareness of self, others, and the world of which we are all a part.

Our 2021–2022 Religious Exploration theme is Community, Wholeness, and Discovering Our New Normal. As we enter a new phase in the pandemic, with the possibility of meeting in person again (observing COVID safety measures), the Religious Education Council chose a yearly theme to focus on community and wholeness as well as discovering our new normal together. The curricula we are using (listed below) highlight community and relationship building, UU sources and values, and exploring our own beliefs. 


Nursery: Our youngest children are cared for in a loving, safe environment. Stories and activities reinforce belonging in community and cultivate their sense of awe and wonder.

Children’s Worship: Approximately five times during the year, our Director of Lifespan Religious Education and Faith Development leads a worship service in the Fellowship Hall that is designed for children. We introduce topics of upcoming whole congregation worship services, learn about the Six Sources of our UU faith, and practice favorite UU hymns. It is an opportunity for children to become more familiar with the elements of worship so they can participate with deeper understanding.

1st-3rd  Grade Sunday RE Class
Fall 2021, Love Will Guide Us: Children learn to seek guidance in life through the lens of our Unitarian Universalist Sources, with an emphasis on love. Together we ask questions such as, "Where did we come from?" "What is our relationship to the Earth and other creatures?" "How can we respond with love, even in bad situations?" "What happens when you die?" Sessions apply wisdom from our Sources to help children explore these questions as they learn that asking questions is valued in Unitarian Universalism, even as they begin to shape their own answers.

Spring 2022, Moral Tales: Every day our children go forth into a complex world where they are often faced with difficult decisions and situations. Moral Tales attempts to provide children with the spiritual and ethical tools they will need to make choices and take actions reflective of their Unitarian Universalist beliefs and values.

4th-5th Grade Sunday RE Class
Fall 2021, Love Connects Us: The curriculum celebrates important ways Unitarian Universalists live our faith in covenanted community. Moved by love and gathered in spirit, we embrace our responsibility toward one another and the world at large. We encourage one another's search for truth and meaning. We strive to be active in peace-making and other efforts to improve our world.

Spring 2022, Toolbox of Faith: This curriculum invites children to reflect on the qualities of our Unitarian Universalist faith, such as integrity, courage, and love, as tools they can use in living their lives and building their own faith. Each of the sessions uses a tool as a metaphor for an important quality of our faith such as reflection (symbolized by a mirror), flexibility (duct tape), and justice (a flashlight).


6th-7th Grade Sunday RE Class
Fall 2021, Amazing Grace, Exploring Right and Wrong: Amazing Grace helps youth understand right and wrong and act on their new understanding. It equips them for moving safely and productively through the middle and high school years, when they will be continually tugged toward both ends of the ethics continuum. Through their involvement in Amazing Grace, youth will come to recognize and depend on their Unitarian Universalist identity and resources as essential to their movement toward understanding, independence, and fulfillment of personal promise.

Spring 2022, Riddle & Mystery: The purpose of Riddle and Mystery is to assist youth in their own search for understanding. Each of the sessions introduces and processes a Big Question. The first three echo Paul Gauguin’s famous triptych: Where do we come from? What are we? Where are we going? The next ten, including Does God exist? and What happens when you die?, could be found on almost anyone’s list of basic life inquiries. The final three are increasingly Unitarian Universalist: Can we ever solve life’s mystery? How can I know what to believe? What does Unitarian Universalism mean to me?

8th-9th Grade Sunday RE Class
During the Coming of Age year, 8th and 9th grade youth explore not only what it means to be Unitarian Universalist (UU), but what it means to be you. With mentors and guides, participants explore their identities, beliefs, and the connections they have--and can make--in love and justice to their faith communities, local communities, and beyond. They begin to build a faith-grounded “toolkit” for the joys, sorrows, wonders, and challenges of being human. Our Coming of Age program culminates with a rite of passage where each youth shares a statement of their beliefs and values at this point in their lives. We participate in the Murray Grove Coming of Age Credo Writing Retreat, held in the spring. Each youth has an adult mentor to guide them through reflecting on their beliefs and writing their statement.  

8th-12th Grade Friday Youth Group
Youth need space to connect with their peers in supportive community, participate in congregational events, learn about leadership, and engage in social justice projects.  Youth Group is a place where youth can explore, connect, and grow. Visit our 2021-2022 Overview & Schedule for dates. 

Community Collaboration & Youth Ministry Outreach: This congregation has been a tremendous supporter of the annual PrideWorks Conference for LGBTQ+ Youth and Allies. The next conference date is March 16, 2022. 

Interfaith Collaboration: We are building community with nearby houses of worship and look forward to offering interfaith youth and family events during the coming year. Watch the weekly e-newsletter for opportunities.


Adult RE Friday Class, Coming of (a little more) Age: For Unitarian Universalists, coming of age is not a once-and-done proposition. Arriving at a stage of greater maturity — including spiritual maturity — is an ongoing life project. This class parallels, for grown-ups, the Coming of Age class that our youth take. It includes exercises and reflections for articulating your UU faith. We especially encourage parents and mentors of this year’s Coming of Age youth to participate. Led by Rev. Meredith online, 1st Fridays at 7:00pm (Oct 1, Nov 5, Dec 3, Jan 7, Feb 4, Mar 4, Apr 1, May 6, Jun 3).  Zoom 7899, Meeting: 289 850 7899 · Passcode: 468468.  

Adult programs include classes and activities to continue lifelong learning and enrichment. Journey Groups offer the opportunity to develop deep relationships. Social Justice Teams offer an opportunity to engage in service to transform ourselves and our world.

All adults can support the spiritual journey of our children and youth by volunteering as a class assistant once or twice during the year. No preparation required! Just come connect with our young people. We will also find a safe way to share information so you can show up in their lives and support them as they perform in recitals, school musicals and plays, sports, and other events. Their schedules are busy and attending Sunday mornings is not always possible so we will use this and other ways to connect with our young people.