Community Unitarian Church at White Plains, est. 1909

Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation
at White Plains


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In response to rapidly rising COVID-19 cases in Westchester County, we are holding our worship services, Religious Education, and meetings ONLINE ONLY until further notice

Join Our ONLINE ONLY Sunday Worship, 10:00am
Sun Jan 16, “Celebrating bell hooks”
Tara James, Jeff Tomlinson, and Adine Usher
bell hooks (aka Gloria Jean Watkins) died on Dec 15 at age 69. She “wrote worlds into being.” She was a groundbreaking author, educator, and activist who explored how race, gender, economics, and politics intertwined. For 40 years, she shaped conversations both academic and popular. Three of our members share their appreciation.

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1st-9th grade Religious Education (RE) classes meet this Sun Jan 16. Diane invites young children to gather for check-in, a story, and rhythm/movement activities at 9:45am; the 1st-5th grade class begins at 9:50am; the 6th-7th grade class at 10:00am; and the 8th-9th grade class at 10:10am. All RE classes log in to Zoom 8428 and then move into their own breakout rooms.

After worship, we invite you to log out and click here to join our Virtual Coffee Hour or call (audio only): 929-436-2866, Meeting: 336 956 2210, Passcode: 468468


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About Us: Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation (CUUC) is a liberal religious faith community founded in 1909. We are a member congregation of the Unitarian Universalist Association, and are a Welcoming Congregation committed to affirming and purposefully including all regardless of age, race, ethnicity, national origin, disability, gender, gender identity or expression, and sexual or affectional orientation.

Our Mission: We covenant to

Nurture each other in our spiritual journeys,
Foster compassion and understanding within and beyond our community, and
Engage in service to transform ourselves and our world.
Our Vision Statement:
Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation at White Plains will be a welcoming “sanctuary without walls” that promotes diversity, fellowship, spiritual growth, and inspiration, while committing to people and the planet through social action and service.

Are you a Unitarian Universalist? Find out...

Do you want a place that…
  • respects differences between people and affirms every person as an individual?
  • values children, welcomes them on their own terms, and offers a place they are eager to attend?
  • cherishes freedom and encourages open dialogue on questions of faith?
  • affirms spiritual exploration and reason as ways of finding truth?
  • accepts a diversity of theology, and welcomes people who may or may not believe in a higher power?
  • acts locally and thinks globally on the great issues of our time:  world peace; women’s rights; racial justice; homelessness; LBGT rights; and protection of the environment?
  • reveres nature as a part of its principles?
  • provides comfort and support so you can carry on when difficult things happen in your life or in the world?
  • honors the differing religious beliefs of you and your loved one?
  • welcomes your non-traditional family?
If you've answered “yes” to any number of these questions, come explore Community Unitarian Universalist Congregation at White Plains. Our visitors page contains helpful information.

Services (Sundays at 10:00am)

This Sunday

    • January 23:  Rev. Meredith Garmon

    • “Do You Talk to Your Car?”: Explain things to your pet? Believe in the perversity of inanimate objects? It's probably good for us to have beliefs that we don't really believe — as long as we sometimes take a step back and recognize the status of such beliefs.

Past Sermons

Minister and Director of Religious Education

“CUUC has been my faith community for over 10 years. It is the best place I know to nurture my soul, stimulate my mind, gather with friends and try to make a difference. Come spend a Sunday morning with us!” ⁓ Paula M.